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The research group “Information Systems & Service Design” headed by Prof. Mädche focuses in research and education on designing digital service systems for enterprises and the society. Digital service systems are characterized by a strong interplay of individuals, their (organizational) environment, and information technologies. Therefore, our research follows the basic idea of research on service systems being a fundamentally sociotechnical and interdisciplinary matter. Specifically, we investigate the lifecycle of service systems from a user-centered digital transformation perspective as well as novel concepts of interactive & intelligent service systems. 

In the area of user-centered digital transformation we are investigating digital service design processes and practices as well as adoption & user behavior
and process digitalization mainly following a behavioral research paradigm. With a theory-guided design research approach we build innovative digital service systems with a focus on human computer assistance systemsbehavior change systems and business intelligence & analytics systems

Practical relevancy of our research is strongly emphasized and driven by the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI) which targets closing the loop with practice following an interdisciplinary service science perspective.  

Our comprehensive education portfolio comprising the bachelor, master, PhD and (E)MBA level introduces the foundations of information systems with a strong services focus and provides insights into the state-of-the-art in research in this field.

Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche


Student Assistans for Programming For our new project with KPMG we search several student assistans for programming a business model management software.
Call for Papers: Workshop Designing Human-Computer Assistance Systems Stefan Morana and Jella Pfeiffer organize a workshop at the next International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik in St. Gallen Switzerland. The workshop addresses the design of human-computer assistance systems and will be held before the WI 2017 on February 12th, 2017. more
New Master Courses: Data Science@IISM Starting this winter semester 2016/2017, the institutes IISM (Informationswirtschaft und Marketing) offers new master courses and modules on data science. Visit our new website http://datascience.iism.kit.edu/ for more information on data science@IISM in teaching, research and business collaborations. more
Article in KIT Magazine Article in KIT Magazine In the current edition 2016/3 of the KIT magazine LookKit Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche provides insights into the field of digital transformation. “It is one of the very big challenges of the present to comprehensively study all aspects of digitalization and actively seize the opportunities with it”, says Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche. more
New Doctoral Scholarship The Karlsruhe School of Services (KSOS) is an interdisciplinary graduated school of the KIT. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche (Research group "Information Systems and Service Design"), the institutes IISM (Informationswirtschaft und Marketing) and KSRI (Karlsruhe Service Research Institute) and the hsag Heidelberger Services AG, a new doctoral scholarship will be awarded. The main focus of the scholarship will be on the digital transformation in the energy economy. more
2015 JITTA Outstanding Paper Award JITTA (Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application) nominated the paper "The Evolution of Design Principles Enabling Knowledge Reuse for Projects: An Action Design Research Project" of Dr. Stefan Morana, Dr. Silvia Schacht and Prof. Alexander Mädche for the 2015 AIS Senior Scholars Best Papers Awards to be announced at ICIS in Dublin 2016. The paper is recognized as JITTA`s most outstanding paper of the year 2015, and therefore presented the "2015 JITTA Outstanding Paper Award". more
12th Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST) 2017 Conference DESRIST 2017 takes place in Karlsruhe from May 31 - June 1. 2017. The theme is Designing the Digital Transformation. The goal is to extend the boundaries of human and organizational capabilities by designing new and innovative constructs, models, methods, processes, and systems. more
Call for Papers: Workshop Business Intelligence Goal of the Workshop Business Intelligence (WSBI 16) at 7. October 2016 is to present current research approches and projects of BI and Analytics (BIA). Besides final results, this workshop also adresses interim findings. Submissions from PhDs and academic researchers are appreciated and possible until 5. September 2016. more
UX-Day 2016 UX-Day 2016 takes place in Mannheim from 13. - 14. October 2016, co-organized by Prof. Mädche. Experts in User Experience provide current insights from both, industry and research. On the second day of the event participants are able to book one of the four master classes with different focuses. Interested students will receive 70% off the regular price. more
Digital Service Design application in SAP Next-Gen Consulting Project Last week SAP Next-Gen Consulting project was successfully concluded with the final presentations. In the project 19 students from the KIT, their academic supervisors lead by Professor Dr. Alexander Maedche and the industry partners were included. Four teams worked on real-life industry challenges, provided by the industry partners Commerzbank, TwoGo and Vodafone. more
Research Alliance: Focus on Digital Transformation KIT and the University of Mannheim are shaping the digitalisation together. The Ministry for Science, Research and Art invests 900.000 Euro over three years to support the research alliance ForDigital. The goal is to improve the understanding of digital transformation and develop innovative information and communication solutions. more
Best Paper Award DESRIST 2016 As part of this year's Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST) conference in St. John's Canada, members of the research group "Information Systems and Service Design" have been awarded the Best Paper Award. After DESRIST 2013 and DESRIST 2015 this is the third time the research group is receiving the DESRIST best paper award. more
KIT joins the SAP University Alliance SAP SE announced today that the Karlsruhe Institue of Technology joined the SAP University Alliance. more
PhD Position "Gamification in Heating Engineering" in cooperation with Bosch Thermotechnology The PhD project is carried out in cooperation with Bosch Thermotechnology (Wernau), one of the leading manufacturer of resource-efficient heating products and hot water solutions. The focus of the PhD position is the design and evaluation of intelligent, persuasive systems in heating engineering in private home scenarios.
WI 2017 Track: User-centered Information Systems The ubiquitous availability of information technologies creates new challenges and opportunities for Information Systems (IS) research, especially on the individual level of the user. In particular, the track addresses the entire life cycle from the development to the management of user-centered IS leveraging the “User, User & Utility” paradigm.
GI-Workshop: Value-Sensitive Design of Internet-Based Services: Towards an Integration of Technology and Values

Internet-based services become more relevant for people and promote huge potentials for a more sustainable society. The workshop “Value-Sensitive Design of Internet-Based Services: Towards an Integration of Technology and Values” in the “46. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik” follows an interdisciplinary approach and specifically addresses research dealing with the different interests among stakeholders in the context of designing and delivering Internet-based services.

KPMG cooperates with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology The accountancy firm KPMG and the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) have arranged a strategic cooperation in the areas business intelligence as well as data analytics. more