Information Systems & Service Design

Interlytics: Interactive Analytics @ EnBW

One important aspect of the digitalization initiative at the CFO unit of EnBW is accelerating the adoption and use of advanced business analytics systems. The goal of the Interlytics project is, therefore, to create user interfaces integrating multimodal interaction with these advanced business analytics systems in order to drive the acceptance and use of the systems. Building on this, the systems are then designed to increase the productivity of face-to-face meetings supported by advanced business analytics systems. In the context of this project we are striving to answer the following questions:

  1. What are core design principles of multimodal business analytics systems for face-to-face team interactions?
  2. How to assist face-to-face teams during onboarding with multimodal BI&A systems in order to accelerate acceptance and use?
  3. What is the impact of multimodal BI&A systems in face-to-face team interactions on team meeting productivity?