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Project Team
Stefan Morana
Postdoctoral researcher
+49 721 608-41587
stefan moranaQux8∂kit edu
Freudenberg Project

Cooperation Partner

Project Description

Almost 80 percent of information processed by companies, e.g. documents, emails or intranet pages, lack on structure. These contents are typically created and structured by individual employees or teams and shared inside the company or, at times, publicly.

These collaborative and unstructured workflows are supported rudimentarily by common Software. Thus exists, among other features, a lack of integration into the well structured, local work-environment-wide processes which are supported by user-centered systems such as, e.g. in ERP. Additionally, processed contents are not integrated completely into the lifecycle which reaches from creation to extinction.

The meaning of improving efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative and unstructured workflows is gaining significance in the realm of knowledge management of companies. Within our research group and in close cooperation with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, we are forming document-centered and collaborative Enterprise Systems based on software products from Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration and Portals.