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Platform-based Enterprise Systems and ecosystems in energy production

Project Team

Prof. Mädche Carl Heckmann

Cooperation Partner

Heidelberg Services AG

The liberalization of the German and European energy market has led to a significant increase in the complexity of processes and subsequently of supporting IT-Infrastructures. Formerly energy producing company internal processes now involve a variety of participants along the value chain.

Various small and mid-cap energy suppliers are facing IT-Infrastructure requirements they are not able to meet due to their limited expertise and resources. Manuel postprocessing, low master data quality as well as a complete lack of software-based process support have become day-to-day business causing financial distress. To ensure the competitiveness of these companies we have to focus on how they can benefit from the potential of software industrialization, e.g. Software-as-a-service and Platform-as-a-service.

Thus, small an medium software developers are  facing the challenge of providing their solutions to these businesses in an economic way. In cooperation with HSAG (Heidelberg Services AG) we are developing concepts for user platforms in the energy business and the design of ecosystems which allow for the integration of these concepts.