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SAP Banking Services 8.0 – Transactional Banking Course

The Banking Enterprise Systems course provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of retail banking and their implementation in SAP Banking Services 8.0. It consists of two parts: The first part introduces the foundations of retail banking and the usage of enterprise systems in banks. The second part elaborates on the basic configuration and functionality of SAP Banking Services 8.0 based on a business scenario (transformation program of a retail bank).



Course Overview


Module 1: Business Partner Concept – Part 1


Module 1: Business Partner Concept – Part 2



Module 2: Contract Managements



Module 3: Product Configurationn



Module 4: Financial conditions and Pricing



Module 5: Order Management



Module 6: Posting Control Management



Module 7: Settlement Management



Module 8: Account Integration


Course Material

The slide deck of the course is available for download in this section.