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Implementation (Recreation) of a Process Visibility Plugin in Apromore

Implementation (Recreation) of a Process Visibility Plugin in Apromore
Subject:Business Process Management

Christian Fleig 

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Status: Open

Implementation (Recreation) of a Process Visibility Plugin in Apromore



Organizations increasingly require the ability to monitor business processes for successful process execution. However, a necessary precondition is the visibility of relevant process information, ideally in real-time.
This thesis comprises a literature part as well as the translation of an already existing prototype (web-based) into the Apromore framework. 
More information about Apromore can be found at: http://apromore.org/

Process Visibility Fit Assessment

In the context of the project ProVis a survey based assessment tool was created to assess the fit of Process Visibility Requirements and Capabilities. Considering limited IT budgets, managers must carefully assess which processes benefit from embedding analytic information into operational business processes (so called “Intelligent Business Operations” or “Real-time Operational Intelligence”). Based on an analysis of survey answers, the tool provides a matrix grid that shows the  visibility fit of the process under investigation and provides suggestions for improvements if needed. 


• Good technical and programming skills
• Reading and text analysis skills
• Outstanding academic performance
• Interested in Business Process Management
• Very good time management and self-organization
• English skills
• High social skills