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Development and evaluation of a gamified crowdsourcing application

Development and evaluation of a gamified crowdsourcing application
Subject:Gamification in Crowdsourcing
Type:Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis

 Benedikt Morschheuser

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Status: open

Development and evaluation of a gamified crowdsourcing application

 In the last years there has been a growing interest in the use of gamification - the use of game design elements in non-game contexts (Deterding et al. 2011) to motivate user to participate in online communities and crowdsourcing applications (Morschheuser et al. 2016). Numerous examples in practice and science show that the use of game elements and game mechanics can successfully change behavior and increase user engagement (Hamari et al. 2014). However, effects of gamification on participation and community building in crowdsourcing are less studied so far.

In cooperation with the Robert Bosch GmbH in Renningen we develop a innovative gamified crowdsourcing application in context of parking. As part of this project we are looking for motivated students that are interested to develop gamification design interventions in our prototype and to analyze the effects on motivation and behavior of users.

Goal of the Thesis

The goal of this thesis is

  • to review scientific literature about gamification in context of community building, crowdsourcing, online collaboration and we-intention,
  • to develop theory-based gamification designs
  • and to design and conduct a (field-) experiment or survey to measure and understand the effects of gamification on the intention to participate in gamified crowdsourcing  approaches.

Skills Required

  • Interest in Video-Games, Game-Design, Gamification, UserExperience and human motivation
  • Very good analytical skills ( SPSS or SAS skills are beneficial )
  • Very good web-development skills (JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, Ionic), RESTFul-Services, HTML5, PHP are beneficial)
  • Interest in empirical research
  • English skills
  • Ability to review and synthesize literature


Benedikt Morschheuser


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