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State-of-the-Art Literature Review on Business Transformation

State-of-the-Art Literature Review on Business Transformation
Subject:Business Transformation
Type:Bachelor Thesis

 Christian Fleig

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Status: Running


 Problem Description

Organizations need to constantly evolve and adapt to environmental change. Thereby, they have different motivation to do so. Different motivation among different branches and companies makes it hard for companies, to find their successful strategy for a transformation. The challenge here is to transform the actual business to a target state, which really fits to the depending company. Although a lot of research is performed in this area, there is less work which collects and synthesizes current research and gives an overview about the phenomenon of business transformation.

Goals of the Thesis

The goal of the thesis is to give an overview about the transformation of organizations. The student is expected to consult literature and provide an own approach to solve the problem at hand. This work will contribute to the current knowledge about transformation and will be used in current research projects.

Skills Required

• Analytical Skills and interest in reviewing literature
• Outstanding academic performance
• Strong interest in business transformation, organization theory, and literature work
• Very good time management and self-organization
• Solid skills in English writing
• High social skills