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State-of-the-art Literature Review on Decision Support Systems in Business Process Management

State-of-the-art Literature Review on Decision Support Systems in Business Process Management
Subject:Decision Support Systems
Type:Bachelor Thesis

 Christian Fleig

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Status: Running


 Problem Description

Organizations are required to conduct transformation activities of businesses and associated processes to survive, stay competitive, and thrive under new environmental conditions imposed by globalization, the ubiquitous pressure for cost reductions, the need to reduce time-to-market, and technological innovations such as “big data” or the “internet of things”. Thus, decision-making becomes a decisive capability for organizations to succeed in increasingly complex and dynamic environments.

Decision support systems (DSS) are information systems to support organizational decision-making processes by deciding between alternatives in highly dynamic and semi-structured or unstructured “wicked” problems. As a consequence of the increasing reliance of organizational decision-making on data available within and around organizations, DSSs are a promising way for organizations to derive decision guidance. However, literature on DSSs has been fragmented, with many individual contributions exploring separate facets of the phenomenon, such that a clear understanding of DSSs has been missing.

Goals of the Thesis

The aim of the thesis is to provide a structured literature review on decision support systems within the context of business process management. In particular, the contribution should include an explanation of the phenomenon, and identify current streams of research on decision support systems (DSS). Furthermore, the seminar paper should provide an overview of different types of DSS available and ideally propose a taxonomy of DSS in BPM. o limit the scope of this literature review, the work should focus on DSS within the context of business process management.

Introductory Literature

  • Sprague, R;(1980). “A Framework for the Development of Decision Support Systems.” MIS Quarterly. Vol. 4, No. 4, pp.1-25
  • F. Burstein; C. W. Holsapple (2008). Handbook on Decision Support Systems. Berlin: Springer Verlag
  • Wright, A; Sittig, D (2008). "A framework and model for evaluating clinical decision support architectures q". Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 41: 982–990

Skills Required

• Reading and text analysis skills
• Outstanding academic performance
• Interested in the intersection of Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation and Business Models
• Very good time management and self-organization
• English skills
• High social skills