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Evaluation Results

Each education offering at KIT is evaluated with a standard evaluation form. On this page, we present all the evaluation results from our education offerings.


 Education Offering                                                       
WS 16/17
Master Lecture: Digital Service Design
WS 16/17 Exercise: Foundations of Digital Services B 100.0
WS 16/17 Bachelor Lecture: Foundations of Digital Services B 100.0
WS 16/17 Research Seminar: Information Systems and Service Design 83.7
WS 16/17 Exercise: Business Intelligence Systems
WS 16/17 Master Lecture: Business Intelligence Systems 100.0
WS 16/17 MBA: Digital Transformation of Service Systems
WS 15/16
Bachelor Seminar: Intelligent Service System      
SS 16
Research Seminar: Methods and Theories in IS Research
SS 16
Practical_Seminar: Digital Service Design 95.3
SS 16 Mannheim & Tongji Executive MBA: Information Systems  n.n.