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Data Science

The Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM) has broad knowledge in data science. The IISM was founded in 2003 and combines the Schroff chair for Information Services and Electronic Markets EM  (Prof. Dr. Andreas Geyer-Schulz) and the chair for Information & Engineering IM  (Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt). In 2012, the Institute of Decision Theory and Management Science (Prof. Dr. Martin Klarmann) joined the IISM. After the integration of the Marketing & Sales Research Group M&S  (Prof. Dr. Martin Klarmann) the institute was renamed Institute of Information Systems and Marketing. Recently, the two research groups "Information Systems & Service Design" (ISSD) (Prof. Dr. Alexander Maedche) and Services Marketing ServM (Prof. Dr. Ju-Young Kim) joined IISM. Today, five research groups work in education, research, and innovation in the field of Information Systems and Marketing. 

The main aspects of data science is leveraging data and analytical ability to find and interpret rich data sources, manage large amounts of data as well as present and communicate the data insights and ultimately create value out of data. Data science and data scientists are getting more and more important in every day business.  Further information you will find here.