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In this section you find the latest interviews and talks given by our team providing you insights into our research expertise and results.


Talk "Smart Service Design: Mensch und Technik in Einklang bringen"

In the first part of their Smarter Service Talks series Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche gave an interview to the online blog Smarter-services.com about Smart Service Design.

He talked about the research foci of our research group and why services should be intelligent from an socio-technical point of view in order to help people coping with the ubiquitous complexity of various existing sytstems. What are smart services? What does services actually make smart and which role do users play in this respect? While giving insights on methods, skills, challenges but also opportunites adressing the topic of smart sercvice design, you can additionally learn what we offer to students within our education concepts.

The article to the interview and more detailed information can be found here.