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Cooperation Partner


Project Description

Fast changes in environment can erupt each business model of a company. Therefore, companies have to keep their business model up to date to master these threats and to keep their competitors' position. However, changes of business models are not always successful. Often, the chosen strategy does not fit to the company's actual way of doing business.

Together with the company KPMG, the IISM is developing a business model transformation tool with various functions. Keeping a business model updated or transforming the whole business model is possible at the same time. Based on the well-known business model canvas structure, the use of the tool is very intuitive. Thereby, this tool is developed by people, who really understand, what business model transformation means. The experts of KPMG cope every day with business models and help their customer to find the best way of transformation.

Together with the knowledge of Prof. Mädche and Dominik Augenstein from the IISM, the tool gets the latest insights of science. All-in-all, this innovative tool helps companies to avoid the threats of failure of complex business model transformations.