Eye-based Interactive Systems

Research Activities


Attention Feedback for Data Exploration Tasks

Despite the fact that using information-rich UIs comes with huge potentials to support better decision-making, there are also challenges regarding users’ limited attentional resources....









Gaze-based Task Resumption Support

In the “interruption age”, we are getting used to frequently shifting our attention to secondary tasks while working on a primary one. ...









Joint Attention Support in Remote Meetings

The number of remote team meetings significantly increased during last years. Although remote collaboration has many advantages, new challenges arise with an increasing amount of video conferences in our daily life. ...









PrEyeCo: A Privacy-aware Remote Collaboration System for Joint Attention Support

In remote collaborations, gaze visualizations can provide coordination and communication support. However, the users’ willingness to share their gaze data in remote collaborations is low since they have privacy concerns. ...









EyeTC: Attentive Terms and Conditions

Now and then, users are asked to accept terms and conditions (T&C) before using Internet-based services. Previous studies show that users ignore reading T&C most of the time and accept them tacitly without reading. However, ...









Use Eyes as an Input for Interactive Information Dashboards

Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) systems are well recognized as con-tributing to decision-making. ...









User-Adaptive Systems with Machine Learning

The usage of eye tracking technologies increased in different contexts during last years. This creates an opportunity to design user-adaptive systems by integrating eye-movement data and ...









Eye-based Mixed Reality Applications

Mixed reality (MR) technology brings together the real and the digital world. In MR, users have access to both physical and virtual items and can manipulate them. ...









Eye Tracking in the Wild

Mobile eye trackers provide evidence objective insights into human behavior by showing how people are processing information while working with new devices. ...





Alexander Mädche  Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche


Team Lead

Dr. Peyman Toreini  Dr. Peyman Toreini


Doctoral Researchers

M.Sc. Moritz Langner  Moritz Langner


B.Sc. Macrel Ruoff  Marcel Ruoff

Associated Researchers  

 Julia Seitz


 Markus Dölken

Student Assistants

 Shi Liu

 Pascal Roller

Recent Thesis Students

Simon Martin Barth (Running)

Jonathan Beller (Finished 2021)

Sina Mohazzeb Jahromi (Finished 2021)

Alexander Burmeister (Finished 2021)


ZKM: Zentrum für Kunst und Medien


KIT IPEK - Institut für Produktentwicklung - Fahrzeug- und Akustikprüfzentrum



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