Intelligent Enterprise Systems


Building on advanced AI-based technologies, today's enterprise systems become increasingly intelligent generating significant interest within the scientific and business community. Furthermore, many machines and other devices will receive an IP address in the (near) future and connect to the web in the 'internet of things' offering even more accessible data. Finally, we see an increasing amount of sensors capturing neuro-physiological data from humans at work and private life. Certainly, this ubiquitous computerization of business and society has tremendously progressed the ability to gather, transform and analyze data.

However, human cognitive abilities to interpret this avalanche of data, that is, to extract meaning from data, is limited, particularly in real-time environments where speed is fundamental. Thus, we need to comprehend how to support human abilities to consume information in complex, real-time technological environments. To achieve this aim, we are investigating and designing next-generation enterprise systems with a specific focus on (1) Physio-Adaptive Systems and (2) Interactive Business Intelligence & Analytics Systems.

Research Topics

In the research department "Intelligent Enterprise Systems" we are currently investigating the following specific research topics. 

Physio-Adaptive Systems
  • Physiological Computing and Physiolytics
  • Flow Measurement with Physiological Data
  • Flow-Adaptive Notification Systems
Interactive Business Intelligence & Analytics Systems
  • Interactive Machine Learning Systems
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Interactive and Analytical Dashboards

The publications listed below provide further insights on recent results of our research activities.



Heads of Area


Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche
Phone: +49 721 608-41580
alexander maedche∂kit edu


Mario Nadj Dr. Mario Nadj
Phone: +49 721 608-41584


Merlin Knäble
+49 721 608-41586
Nico Loewe
+49 721 608-41583
Sven Michalczyk
+49 721 608-41583
Miguel Martinez
+49 721 608-41583
Jonathan Schwarzenböck
+49 721 608-41583

Selected Publication

Designing a Self-service Analytics System for Supply Base Optimization.
Michalczyk, S.; Nadj, M.; Beier, H.; Mädche, A.
2021. CAiSE ’21- 33rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, MELBOURNE, 28 JUNE 2021 - 2 JULY 2021, 154–161. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-79108-7_18
An Interactive Machine Learning System for Image Advertisements.
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2021. Mensch und Computer 2021 (MuC ’21), Ingolstadt, 5.-8.9.2021, 574–577, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). doi:10.1145/3473856.3474027
Demystifying Job Roles in Data Science: A Text Mining Approach.
Michalczyk, S.; Nadj, M.; Mädche, A.; Gröger, C.
2021. ECIS 2021 Proceedings - European Conference on Information Systems. Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World, Paper Number: 1622, Association for Information Systems (AIS)
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