M. Sc. Ivo Benke

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM)
    Kaiserstraße 89
    76133 Karlsruhe


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Research Interest

Dear reader,

Thank you for your interest in my work. On this website you can find detailed information about my research interest in Computer-supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human-Computer-Interaction, previous work in research and education and further information.

Within my research I am interested in the following specific topics:

  • Emotional Competence, Emotions, and Affective Computing
  • AI-based Conversational Agents and Chatbots
  • Groups and Virtual Team Research
  • Human-Centered Design, User Experience, and Design Science Research

Please see also for further interest.

Are you also interested in these topics? Do you want to discuss research or are you a student interested in the topic and looking for a thesis supervisor? Feel free to contact me!


Short CV

  • Since 02/2018: Doctoral Researcher in the research group of Information Systems & Service Design (ISSD) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    • Participation at Doctoral Consortiums at ECSCW 2019, Salzburg and Mensch und Computer 2018, Dresden
  • 2014 – 2017: M. Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • 2010 – 2014: B. Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Exchange Semester in Barcelona and Brussels.

Internships and work experience at Freudenberg SE, Adidas AG, the European Parliament and Siemens Healthineers AG.


  • BASF AG – App Store Usability
  • Capstone-Projects with EnBW - Designing Interactive Information Systems


Reviewer for IEEE Computer, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI), CONVERSATIONS '20, Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS.


Open Projects

In case of interest in a thesis (BA/MA/Sem) I am open for interesting ideas or opportunities. You can write me in case of interest.

  More Information  

Running Projects

Master thesis: CollaborationKIT 2.0 Running

Selected Finished Projects

Master thesis: Designing a Digital Platform for Non-profit Organizations Finished
Master thesis: Designing a Digital Assistant for Virtual Project Meetings Finished
Bachelor thesis: Leveraging the Internet of Things for Collaboration: Using Augmented Reality to Support Teams across Business Layers Finished
Bachelor thesis: Qualitative Analysis of Collaboration and Communication Problems in Intercultural Organizations Finished
Bachelor thesis: Designing Chatbot-based Affective Feedback in Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) of Virtual Teams Finished
Seminar thesis: Ethics in AI Finished
Seminar thesis: Help or Horror: Emotion Analysis through Virtual Assistants and Chatbots Finished
Seminar thesis: Roles of Chatbots in Team Collaboration - A Literature Review Finished


  • Summer 2020: Designing Interactive Systems, IISM (Lecture)
  • Summer 2019: Interactive Systems, IISM (Lecture)
  • Summer 2018: Interactive Information Systems, IISM (Lecture)
  • Summer 2017: Teaching Assistant for the lecture „Management von Informatik Projekten“, AIFB (Lecture)


Conferences and Workshops

Organization of Workshop "UUX im Unternehmen – Ein Dauerlauf mit Hindernissen?" at Mensch und Computer 2020, Magdeburg (virtually)

Organization of Workshop "Vom ersten Schritt bis zum Dauerlauf. Wie bringt man Usability und User Experience (UUX) ins Unternehmen?" at Mensch und Computer 2019, Hamburg

Organization of Workshop "UUX-Praxis im Wandel: Usability und User Experience in Zeiten der Digitalisierung" at Mensch und Computer 2018, Dresden



Contributor and member of the Usability in Germany e.V. since 2018


Videos, Seminars, and Podcasts

Article for the IHK Magazin about successful remote work for SMEs.

Interview at radio station Radio Regenbogen about Home-Office in times of COVID-19.

Interview in the SWR Landesschau tv-show about Remote Work and Social Distancing.

Publication List

LeadBoSki: A Smart Personal Assistant for Leadership Support in Video-Meetings.
Benke, I.; Vetter, S.; Maedche, A.
2021. Companion Publication of the 2021 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW ’21 Companion), October 23–27, 2021, Virtual Event, USA, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Chatbot-based Emotion Management for Distributed Teams: A Participatory Design Study.
Benke, I.; Knierim, M. T.; Maedche, A.
2020. Proceedings of the ACM on human-computer interaction, 4 (CSCW2), Article No.: 118. doi:10.1145/3415189
On Implementing Ethical Principles in Design Science Research.
Benke, I.; Feine, J.; Venable, J. R.; Maedche, A.
2020. AIS transactions on human-computer interaction, 12 (4), 206–227. doi:10.17705/1thci.00136
Exploring Design Principles for Enterprise Chatbots: An Analytic Hierarchy Process Study.
Feine, J.; Adam, M.; Benke, I.; Maedche, A.; Benlian, A.
2020. Designing for digital transformation : co-creating services with citizens and industry : 15th international conference on design science research in information systems and technology, DESRIST 2020, Kristiansand, Norway, December 2-4, 2020 : proceedings. Ed.: Sara Hofmann, 126–141, Springer Verlag. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-64823-7_13
Towards Design Principles for Trustworthy Affective Chatbots for Virtual Teams.
Benke, I.
2020. ECIS 2020 Proceedings - Twenty-Eighth European Conference on Information Systems, Marrakesh, Marokko, June 15 - 17, 2020, AIS eLibrary (AISeL)
Discovering Core Modules of Platform-based Software Ecosystems for Non-Profit Sport Organizations.
Benke, I.; Guth, P.; Rietz, T.; Maedche, A.
2020. Proceedings der 15. Internationalen Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI2020), Potsdam, 08.-11-03.2020
Vom ersten Schritt bis zum Dauerlauf. Wie bringt man Usability und User Experience (UUX) ins Unternehmen.
Burmester, M.; Laib, M.; Benke, I.; Minge, M.
2019. Mensch und Computer 2019 - Workshopbeiträge, 8.-11. September 2019, Hamburg. Hrsg.: F. Steinicke, Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). doi:10.18420/muc2019-ws-287
Humane Anthropomorphic Agents: The Quest for the Outcome Measure ; Position Paper.
André, E.; Bayer, S.; Benke, I.; Benlian, A.; Cummins, N.; Gimpel, H.; Hinz, O.; Kersting, K.; Mädche, A.; Mühlhäuser, M.; Riemann, J.; Schuller, B. W.; Weber, K.
2019. AIS SIGPrag, Munich, 15-18 December 2019, 2019 pre-ICIS workshop proceedings "Values and Ethics in the Digital Age", Munich, 14.12.2019
Towards an Actionable Ethical Compass for Developing AI-enabled Artifacts in Design Science Research.
Benke, I.; Feine, J.; Venable, J. R.; Maedche, A.
2019. AIS SIGPrag, Munich, 15-18 December 2019, 2019 pre-ICIS workshop proceedings "Values and Ethics in the Digital Age", Munich, 14.12.2019
Social Augmentation of Enterprise Communication Systems for Virtual Teams Using Chatbots.
Benke, I.
2019. Proceedings of 17th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET 2019), Salzburg, A, June 8-12, 2019
The Impact of Anthropomorphic and Functional Chatbot Design Features in Enterprise Collaboration Systems on User Acceptance.
Rietz, T.; Benke, I.; Maedche, A.
2019. 14. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI2019)
UUX-Praxis im Wandel: Usability und User Experience in Zeiten der Digitalisierung.
Burmester, M.; Benke, I.; Döbelt, S.; Minge, M.; Stein, E.; Stevens, G.
2018. Mensch und Computer 2018 - Workshopband, 02.-05.September 2018, Dresden. Hrsg.: R. Dachselt, 461–472, Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). doi:10.18420/muc2018-ws09-0546
Enhancing Joint Attention in Collaborative Information Dashboards with Shared Gaze Awareness.
Toreini, P.; Benke, I.; Langner, M.; Schaumann, S.; Schwarzenboeck, J.; Bamberger, C.; Maedche, A.
2018. SIGHCI 2018 Proceedings - HCI/MIS Workshop 2018 - The 17th Annual Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS, San Francisco, California, December 13, 2018, AIS eLibrary (AISeL)
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