Chatbots with Emotions - Leveraging Group Dynamics for Improved Emotional Intelligence

  • Subject:Chatbots with Emotions - Leveraging Group Dynamics for Improved Emotional Intelligence
  • Type:Bachelor- / Masterthesis
  • Supervisor:

    Ivo Benke

  • Add on:

    Status Open

  • Emotions in social interaction play a great role and have large impact on the interaction and the well-being of humans. Chatbots increasingly receive the ability to perceive and understand emotions. We investigate the usage of emotional chatbots for supporting teams during their communication with emotional advice. Usual collaboration in working environment nowadays takes place via Slack or Microsoft Teams, which is a typical playing field for such chatbots. During collaboration via those tools specific social dynamics take place which lead to decreased productivity and negative well-being of the human users. The emotional chatbot shall be used to avoid such negative collaboration pitfalls. Through its emotional understanding a model shall be developed and evaluated which recognizes negative social dynamics and provides advice how to overcome them.
    The specific scope of this work can be discussed and adapted to the individual capabilities and requirements of the student.


    Goals of this Thesis

    • Derivation of use-case of social-dynamics within team communication and their emotional aspect
    • Development of (lightweight) prototype
    • Laboratory evaluation (qualitative and quantitative)


    Skills Required

    • Knowledge in Python, Javascript and node.js or willingness to improve.
    • General interest in emotions, chatbots and team communication.
    • Reading and text analysis skills.
    • Very good English skills.
    • Very good time management and organizational skills


    If you are interesting to write a Bachelor or Master thesis about emotional chatbot, or team communication, please contact me directly via mail so we can discuss potential thesis topics. See you soon, Ivo.