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OMNICHANNEL@ENGELHORN – Controlling and optimizing the digital channel

Project Team

Prof. Mädche Phillip Haake


Cooperation Partner

Engelhorn Sports GmbH

Traditional commerce and e-commerce are melting together. In this research project we are developing with Engelhorn, a huge fashion and sports retailer in Mannheim, new concepts for controlling and optimize digital channels. The increasing influence of the e-commerce requires organizational and technology changes. The main goal is to offer a consistent customer experience. Engelhorn decided in 2012 to stop the outsourcing to an external service provider and managing the system on their own. Many new areas had to be integrated. Additionally, through the e-commerce Engelhorn gets more customer data. Therefore it is possible to use new ways in handling the customer relationship. Also organizational and technological prerequisites are important.

For this reason InES supports the implementation and documentation of a software analysis in the areas inventory control, customer service and multi-channel customer-relationship-management. During the requirement engineering the team is working with the needs of the end-users. As a result, the requirements of the mentioned fields should be evaluated.

Additionally, the conception and the development of a business intelligence and analytics infrastructure should be implemented, as well as optimization actions for the daily business over the digital channels. The conception and the development of a customer- and rangeanalysis based on the Business Intelligence and Analytics Infrastructure are the overall goal of the project.