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Development of a gamified Crowdsourcing App

Development of a gamified Crowdsourcing App
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 Benedikt Morschheuser

Development of a gamified Crowdsourcing App

As part of a research project with the Robert Bosch GmbH we are developing a gamified crowdsourcing app. This pervasive game approach use elements known from games in an real world scenario with the aim to motivate people to share location based information. The app follow successful examples like Ingress, Waze, Yelp or Foursquare.

Currently, we are looking for student assistants with web development, app development, web design and/or server management experiences to support the further development of this app.

Possible tasks
• Further development of the current app (Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ionic)
• Further development of the backend system (PHP, MySQL)
• Creation of new designs (CSS)
• Adaption of game mechanisms
• Execution of performance tests or security checks
• Preperation of game, UX, user or field tests


We are looking for creative and committed members, who are interested in game design and gamification. Internet affinity, organizational skills, independence and the ability to
work towards a specific goal is expected. You should have already gained practical experience in web development and programming. Interest and experience in game design and gamification would be beneficial.

The monthly amount of work is felxible and will be typically between 20 and 40 hours per month. If you have any questions, pelase contact me.