Biosignal-Adaptive Systems


Research Activities


Designing a mobile Flow Dashboard App to support Knowledge Workers in Self-Management

Flow is defined as a “state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter” (Csikzentmihalyi, 1975). Because of its link to improved individual performance and well-being, flow is particularly desirable in the work context. However, ...



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Designing a Flow-Adaptive Notification System using a Machine Learning Classifier based on Heart Rate Variability

Digital notifications, e.g., from instant messaging applications, can interrupt employees’ flow at work, affecting desirable outcomes such as well-being or task performance. However, ...



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Classification of Flow, Anxiety and Boredom based on Heart Rate Variability using Machine Learning

Flow is deemed a desirable state due to its links to improved individual performance and well-being. However, current methods are obtrusive and cannot measure flow during activity execution. This research responds to the challenge of ...



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Towards a Physiological Computing Infrastructure for Researching Students' Flow in Remote Learning -Preliminary Results from a Field Study

With the advent of physiological computing systems, new avenues are emerging for the field of learning analytics related to the potential integration of physiological data.



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Alexander Mädche  Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche


Team Lead

Dr. Mario Nadj  Dr. Mario Nadj


Doctoral Researchers

  Nico Loewe


Anja Seitz  Julia Seitz












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