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The Research Group offers a comprehensive education program in the area of Digital Service Systems and data-driven Information Systems on the bachelor, master, and PhD level. Additionally, Prof. Mädche is additionally providing education services on the (executive) MBA level. 

Our courses are tailored for students interested in the socio-technical perspective of large-scale Digital Service Systems. Following our research focus, we specifically emphasize designing user-centered and intelligent Digital Services Systems. Our education program balances theory and practice by introducing the state-of-the-art theoretical and methodological concepts in combination with practice-oriented aspects of Digital Service Systems. 

The subsequent Web pages provide further information with regards to the actual course offerings, module assignments, offerings and modalities for thesis projects as well as the credit approval process.

Contact: education-issd∂iism.kit.edu



Our education concept pursues the following aims:

  • To follow a research-oriented education paradigm focusing on the competence to understand and solve problems scientifically.
  • To emphasize practical relevance, e.g. through real-world examples, hands-on sessions with commercial software packages or industry talks.
  • To involve innovative teaching concepts such as MOOCs, practical challenges in the form of capstone projects or case studies.
  • To continuously measure and keep customer satisfaction on a high level.

Our courses contribute to two specialization tracks: First, it is tightly embedded into the Digital Service Systems specialization track offered in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI) and its connected institutes AIFB, IISM, IOR, and IIP.  Second, we contribute to the Data Science specialization that is driven by professors of the Institut of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM). The links on the left side provide further information about the specialization tracks as well as an overview on modules and lectures offered by the research group.


Course Overview

We here provide an overview on the course offering in summer and winter semester:

ISSD Teaching Offering