Thesis Templates

Please find our thesis templates below. You can also find our official LaTeX template on Overleaf. Good to know: Overleaf offers their premium features for free to all KIT members - just login through your account here.

  Name Date Size
ZIP ISSD Bachelor-Master-Seminar Thesis Template (LaTeX).zip 2020-12-11 22:45 1.04 MB
DOCX ISSD Bachelor-Master-Seminar Thesis Template (Word).docx 2020-08-20 08:39 355.89 KB
ZIP ISSD Design Seminar Capstone Project Template (LaTeX).zip 2019-03-28 11:05 185 KB
PPTX ISSD Presentation Template.pptx 2020-09-09 13:32 1014.55 KB
DOCX ISSD Design Seminar Capstone Project Template.docx 2019-03-25 15:10 116.83 KB