Methods and Tools for Interactive Systems R&D

We design methods and tools for human-centered interactive systems improving research and development processes and outcomes

Research Activities


Designing Crowd-Feedback Systems

User involvement is of critical importance in the development of any information system (IS).  In the recent years, ...









AI-based Systems for Qualitative Data Collection

One of the critical reasons for failed IS projects is the inability to accurately meet user requirements, resulting from an incomplete or inaccurate collection of requirements during the requirements elicitation (RE) phase...









Interactive Chatbot Development Systems

User input is essential for the successful development of question-and-answer (QA) chatbots. Therefore, interactive development systems are emerging that allow developers to involve test-users in the QA chatbot development process...









Design Science Research Process Support with MyDesignProcess

A rich body of knowledge on approaches, methods, and frameworks supports researchers in conducting research projects. While methodological guidance is abundant, there is little support and guidance for documenting and effectively managing research processes...






Team Lead

Alexander Mädche  Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche


Doctoral Researchers

M. Sc. Saskia Haug  Saskia Haug


M. Sc. Sven Scheu  Sven Scheu


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Gau  Michael Gau


M.Sc. / MTM Felix Kretzer  Felix Kretzer




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